Bento Shoes

A two-step production chain to produce shoes.


The measures that universally define the size of the shoes guarantee a partial customization. To have a custom-made product you have to involve a craftsman, which inevitably raises costs.


New production technologies suggest new processes and allow us to look at the world with new eyes. We have simplified the steps, selected a fabric with great elasticity on which the sole is printed in additive manufacturing with a flexible and durable material and then this new composite material is shaped by laser. Just two processes to obtain a highly customizable footwear that can be produced in a short time.

A small artisan footwear company, with great attention to innovation, has tried to go further, investing in research and development. The explosive mix of craftsmanship skills and technological expertise has generated a disruptive project, in line with the times and with market demands.

The project was developed in collaboration with the Acquacalda Design studio, and sponsored by the Turin Chamber of Commerce and Confartigianato Torino.

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