A university research becomes a wearable prototype.


In the academic world, many great things are often achieved and great ideas are collected. The Politecnico di Torino works with great skill in the field of electronics and in the field of healthcare, but they are focused on a bigger frame and prototypes often do not fully reflect the qualities of the products they develop.


By studying the geometries of the developed components and PCBs, we compacted the product shape, incorporated a bold light feedback system and added a magnetic connector to improve UX.

The Politecnico di Torino needed a partner who could develop a prototype highlighting the technological qualities of their project, with great attention to usability. 

Starting from scratch to develop an electronic product is one of our fields, but to develop a prototype constrained by the geometry of the electronics hardware, you need to have clear ideas about the limits and carefully co-design every detail.

The work was done in collaboration with Studio RED, powered by Fablab Torino.

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